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Adding a room addition is a great way to expand your house and add value to your property.

Dream Home Design & Build will help you plan and execute a room addition project. We offer the highest level of design and planning and execute the job with uncompromising standards of quality, Workmanship and craftsmanship to get the best result.

Dream home design and build works with architects and engineers with over 30 years of experience.
Room addition in Los Angeles and the bay area is in the highest standards is our specialty.

If you have a raised foundation room addition or a slab foundation room addition with a desired bathroom inside a Kitchen an on suit or a just room expansion, we will walk with you hand-in-hand from mapping your existing house on Paper, creating a floor plan and a model of your existing house in our computer. 

Then modifying an alternating, it to your desired floor plan including the new room addition.

Each room addition will be assigned a project manager, a Foreman and a team of dedicated workers to finish the job on Time and on budget. A great room addition looks like it was a natural part of the House and that’s our specialty.  Don’t hesitate to call today and make an appointment with One of our specialists.

  • From The planning stages to execution. 

  • Architectual and engineering plans. 

  • Demolition removal and haul away.

  • Underground foundations digging plumbing and drain.

  • Excavation, foundation and framing.

  • Waterproofing and insulation. 

  • Roofing, facia boards and rain gutters.

  • Plumbing, electrical, gas and low voltage 

  • Dry wall, paint windows and doors

  • Tile, wood flooring or LVP flooring  

  • Cabinets, counters tops, backsplash   

  • Stucco or sidings, rain gutters, fence and gates  

  • And much more

Call us now 800.396.4502 For a Free Consultation

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