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Tips for designing the bathroom

Updated: Mar 7

It is one of the most important rooms in the house, we use it every day, and sometimes only when we are faced with renovating it, we remember how important it is to us. Bathroom design has become a complete world in recent years, with special styles, new tiles with advanced capabilities, sophisticated faucets and countless dedicated materials. Here are some tips to help you on your way to the perfect bathroom for you.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, if not the most important. We start our day in this room, take a shower, get ready, put on make-up, get dressed and prepare for a new day, and in the evening we shake off the troubles of the day, take a shower, apply the night cream, put on cozy pajamas and slowly enter a state of rest.

Building or renovating a bathroom requires thought before doing, for example: how many people will use this room, what is the location of everything, do you need storage areas (of course you do), do you design according to what you like or is it better to go for a solid design that will remain attractive over time and the products Are the companions the ones who will create an atmosphere? These and other questions should be asked, as mentioned, even before the work. Here are some more tips before renovating the bathroom:

Make a preliminary assessment of the work

It is not enough to look at bathroom catalogs or search websites for the current trends and make calculations - each bathroom stands on its own and each user has his own opinion. Therefore, ask yourself, first of all, what is the cost you are willing to invest in the renovation. Then, ask yourself how long you stay in the bathroom during the day, what is important to you to have in it, are there any things you would be willing to give up and are there any that must be in this room. Only after you answer these questions to yourself, you can check with contractors whether your idea regarding the design of the bathroom is possible and also, how much your dream will cost.

Materials, materials, materials

Tiles, anti-slip ceramics, gun, lighting, niches, benches, rain heads, interfuss - bathroom design is a whole world and you need to know all the components even before the renovation to know what you are buying and where everything fits. Prepare a list of questions for the renovating contractor and ask him to go over everything with you that you want to change or rebuild, also ask him to tell you if there are risks of explosions or leaks in cases of building additions, what kind of sealing is done, what happens if there is a lot of scale in the water, how does it affect on the faucets and so on. Everything should be known in advance.

If you chose a shower for the bathroom, do a market survey and check what's new, for example in the world of basins. The pelvis forms the stepping surface and therefore it is important that it be rough to prevent slipping. Today basins can be made of different materials, of course include a precise slope for draining the water and even designed like the chosen tiles, so there is continuity in terms of design and shades. Look for names like Gocce (bending decton basin), MTI (acrylic basin) and Harsa (clay basin) to learn what you can choose from.

Where does the floor slope?

In cases where you are planning a shower, you should take into account the options before you - if you live in an area where the soil is known to move (there are such areas in the country), it might be worth thinking about a basin for the shower. In other cases, the slope of the shower under construction should be carefully planned so that water does not escape through the shower doors. Don't forget to calculate its size, decide if there is a built-in bench and shelves and also what is the height of the tiles in the shower itself, and of course a rain head, two faucets or one faucet system that contains everything you need. By the way, if the bathroom is small, you should know that there are sanitary ware, including showers that are suitable for small rooms, it's all a matter of appropriate design, such as in the corner of the room with shower doors that go inside the shower and "open" the room.

Personal design

After all, this is a room that you should love, but that will also be practical for the users - a bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom or a family bathroom or just the children's bathroom. Therefore, search on the Internet, consult with friends, some will prefer an interior designer, think about how long the room will serve you until the next renovation - in short, take all the parameters and make a list, check everything, ask and in the end you will have the exact list of what you want , how it will look, what tiles, where the lamps will be connected, where the electrical points will be and much more.

The bottom line , planing and execution should be done by you and the team of professional at dream home design & build . Call for a free consultation today!

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