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The Right Kitchen

What is important to remember when planning a kitchen, is there is such a thing as a "right kitchen" and what are the steps on the way to it ?

The must-know collection of tips, before running to plan the long-awaited renovation

Although it was designed for practical tasks such as cooking and baking, the kitchen has also become a central space where family members, friends and guests gather. And the title "the beating heart of the house", was given to him by quite a few of the houses with great justice. There are several things to consider before starting to design a new kitchen, and we have compiled for you the most important tips on the way to designing your kitchen.

The modern kitchens are large, wide open and are the "beating heart of the house"

What is a kitchen anyway?

In the past, the kitchen was built as a modest side room, separate from the living room, when its entire purpose was practical: a room for cooking food. With the development of the hospitality culture in Israel and around the world, the rise of the reality shows that deal with cooking and the transformation of chefs into stars - the kitchens began to take on more and more meaning (and place) in the home. Today's modern kitchens are large, wide open, blend in with the living room and the dining area and together form the central and most important space. The change does present a challenge - the correct combination of a functional kitchen and the design of a pleasant and inviting atmosphere - but it is possible.

Before you start planning the renovation of your kitchen, you must lay the foundations for a proper kitchen design, which will suit not only your cooking needs, but also the hospitality culture. How do you do it? Well, that's exactly what we're here for.

Before embarking on a renovation project, it is important to determine the maximum budget

Where do you start? From the budget, of course

Experts claim that the investment in buying or renovating a kitchen will be returned almost in full when the property is sold. According to surveys, in Israel a kitchen is replaced once every eight years, and this is considered the biggest expense in home renovation. Therefore, the question of the budget is a critical question: it is very important to determine in advance what is the maximum amount that you plan to spend on the new kitchen, and to allocate a separate additional amount for the purchase of electrical appliances and kitchen utensils.

Choosing a design style

Before setting out, it is important to define what the guiding line is in the design of the kitchen. Whether you prefer the classic, urban, rustic or modern style - choosing a design style will affect every part of the kitchen. From the choice of raw materials, to the smallest details, such as: the handles and the complementary accessories. It is recommended to ask yourself in advance - do you like a kitchen island? Do you prefer an open or closed kitchen? Are you interested in strong lighting or soft and pleasant lighting? These and other questions will help the kitchen designer to plan its dimensions and how to conduct it in an ideal way.

What is your favorite design style: Rustic or modern, open or closed?

Space planning

When determining the size of the kitchen and characterizing the space, the specific needs of the residents of the house and the number of people must be taken into account. The larger the family, the more storage space, more cooking utensils and of course - more seating is needed. In addition, the physical condition of the household members must also be taken into account. For example, if the elderly, disabled or children live in the house, the kitchen must be designed so that they can operate it comfortably. Alternatively, if it is about toddlers - plan the kitchen so that they cannot reach dangerous places.

The holy trinity - refrigerator, sink and stove

Beyond deciding on the size and style of the kitchen, you must decide in advance on the arrangement of the functions in it. The order of things is what will make the kitchen efficient to use, or difficult to work and uncomfortable. Even if you invest the best of your money, but do not properly plan the location of the functions - your investment will go down the drain.

The order of things is determined by the general structure of the house, the relationship between the kitchen and the living room, the entrance and exit openings, the location of electrical points, the size of the kitchen space and your personal preferences. The kitchen must be flowing, light, ventilated, bright and beautiful, and at the same time also efficient, fast and suitable for the habits of the residents of the house. The basis of this planning is what is known as the "holy trinity of kitchens" - the relationship between the refrigerator, the sink and the stove.

The planning of the distance and the ease of functioning of these three stations created a logical, accessible, easy and clean work process in the kitchen. It is recommended to plan so that the three stations are close enough and convenient for daily functioning. However, it must be remembered that to these main points the microwave, the dishwasher, the dining table, the storage areas and so on have been added today. All of them must be taken into account and create a situation of easy access and work in all areas.

Selection of materials

Another point that is important to emphasize in the framework of kitchen design is the materials used in the kitchen construction process. A new kitchen requires a large financial investment, so it is important not to compromise on the production materials. To ensure that even after two years the kitchen will look new, it is recommended to choose high-quality raw materials and prefer materials such as quartz, aluminum or solid wood.

Choosing a work surface is also very important, mainly because it is the area most exposed to wear and tear and has an impact on the overall appearance. A work surface for the kitchen must be comfortable and easy to maintain and clean, so that it will keep its appearance for years. The quartz surfaces of Caesar Stone are an example of functional use in the kitchen, which allows combining the strong material in nature with a wide collection of models, colors and textures, which require minimal maintenance while protecting against scratches.


Do not compromise on quality raw materials

Storage as an integral part of the kitchen design

Proper planning of the kitchen at the storage level makes it possible to pull out dishes without taking out the entire contents of the drawer, or to locate the oil easily even if the pan is already on fire.

How do you do it right?

Utilize the entire height - allow the cabinets to utilize the entire height up to the ceiling space.

It's all a matter of balance - don't overload the shelves and cupboards, and make sure that the kitchen doesn't create an atmosphere of a warehouse. For this purpose, it is possible to combine opaque materials with light-transmitting materials.

Cabinets or drawers - if you are limited in space, go for cabinets. On the other hand, if you can design pull-out drawers, you can enjoy useful and convenient storage.

Leave extra space - over time in every house tools accumulate, and at the end of the process you find a use even for drawers that you thought were unnecessary.

And in conclusion the right kitchen starts with the right plan, let our team of experienced kitchen designers help you achieve the right kitchen , for you!

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