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Painting the House: Should You Hire a Pro?

Updated: Mar 7

Sometimes we just want to renew the front of the house or improve the property and for that we choose to paint the walls of the house. Unlike the interior walls of a house, the color of exterior walls should be resistant to changes in the weather - from the scorching sun on the day of Hamsin to the hail and rain in the winter months. How do you do that? Here you can find the complete guide to exterior house painting.

There are two options for painting the exterior walls of the house - covering with colored stucco or exterior painting only.

Colored stucco - in many houses, there is a preference to make a significant change in the exterior of the building and also in the texture of the covering material ("cement splash" is no longer in fashion). Schlicht, or by its other name colored stucco, gives a luxurious finish and is a kind of thicker rubber layer for walls that is also effective in repelling water. This is a highly durable material, however, it should be taken into account that working with colored plaster requires a long time, since first you have to cover with a layer of mortar, then apply a layer of binding material such as the primer, which is used to strengthen the wall's infrastructure and is a strong base for applying a layer of putty and after Then the ruler. The material can be mixed with the desired color for the house and get the desired result.

If we chose this coating for the exterior walls of the house, you should know that it is a relatively more expensive material and also one that requires a longer working time than the paint, but nevertheless, it is a long-term solution and a strong material for sealing and protecting the walls

Exterior house painting and crack sealing - if we have exterior walls in a relatively reasonable condition such as light cracks and faded paint, exterior painting can be done only. First, the painter seals all the cracks waiting for drying and cleans the walls with high-pressure water before painting. He then paints the wall with a color that matches the exterior walls, usually in two layers. This is a relatively quick job. It is important that the color used by the painter is resistant to damage and weather changes such as moisture, mold and cracks.

Spray painting - the painter uses a device that works under pressure and sprays paint on the wall. The coverage by the spraying device is more complete and uniform and is very suitable for use on exterior walls that are not completely smooth ("splash" walls). The disadvantage of using this method is the long working time of the professional - he must cover multiple areas around the house and finish problematic areas with a brush (areas such as around the windows, window sills and window sills) and also the cleaning time afterward.

The stucco work requires a lot of precision, knowledge of the material and professionalism in the way of work in order to get a good and uniform result on all the exterior walls of the house, so it is highly recommended to use a professional. Even in painting with paint, it is advisable to choose a professional because of the skill in sealing cracks, recognition of the binding materials and experience of painting in high and distant places.

What is the best time for exterior house painting?

It is important to know that in exterior painting, the paint must not come into contact with water for at least 72 hours after painting. Therefore, the ideal period for painting the exterior of the house is in the spring, which is also the period of renovations, repairs and excellent weather suitable for good drying of the paint and varnish. Even the summer, which is the season of apartment moves and changes, is suitable for exterior painting if we don't have children running around in the garden.

As in any field, as demand increases, so does the price of work and the availability of professionals decreases, therefore if we are interested in painting the exterior walls of the house, it is advisable to plan this move in advance

Painting your house should be done by a professional.

Our teams at dream home design & build are exactly that!

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