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Brentwood Remodel: Kitchen Remodel from A-Z

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The heart of the home, the place where you cook, dine, and gather as a family. Today we're sharing the kitchen, dining, and bedroom room of our Brentwood Remodel.

Keep reading to see how we bring these spaces to life!

A color to carry on

We've mentioned this in our previous posts when designing a large home with rooms that connect together, we'll pick a color to carry throughout the spaces and bring it all together. We used a Brown and Bright color palette on the cabinetry in the kitchen and dining room.

We choose to combine the light and bright cabinetry with the natural wood high storage that brings life to this space. We use the 504 Lumena Porcelain Countertop of CaesarStone - A pearl-white backdrop crisscrossed with crackling dark grey veins that rush over the illuminated shelllike surface with its blushed undertones, imprinting a dynamic dimension heightened by the Honed finish in a unique design that is truly innovative.

Every details on the Island is important

The Island increases counter space for small appliances and prep space. Offers additional storage for cooking utensils and specialty tools. Adds seating options with bar stools or dining chairs along one or more sides. Creates defined space in an open-concept home.

In this case, at the Brentwood kitchen, we actually add a second sink and oven because Ben and Sally like to host every Friday eve and they need extra space for cooking.

Considering making the most of your kitchen? Give us a call!

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