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5 Types of Lighting Every Primary Bathroom Needs

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Lighting is a crucial element of bathroom design, and when it comes to the primary bathroom, it’s important to have a variety of lighting sources to create the perfect ambiance. Whether you’re looking for mood-setting accents or practical task lighting, here are the five types of lighting your primary bathroom needs:

1. Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is the base layer of lighting in any room that provides overall illumination. For your primary bathroom, look for a bright overhead light with a dimmer switch for maximum control.

The general lighting of the bathroom is also known as ambient lighting

  • Go for ceiling mounted light fixtures, and pendant lights or incorporate a small chandelier in the ceiling. Note that decorative light fixtures add a lot of character to the bathroom décor.

  • Heighten the ambiance of the bathroom with diffused illumination which can be achieved with recessed cove lighting in the ceiling.

  • Consider dimmable lighting to create a soft ambiance that changes the intensity of the ambient lights.

2. Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting helps create a mood and can be used to highlight certain elements of the bathroom. Wall sconces, pendant lights, and recessed lighting are all great options for adding accent lighting to your primary bathroom.

One can add a new dimension to the bathroom décor with accent lighting.

  • If the bathroom incorporates some artwork or accessories then use lighting fixtures like wall scones, spotlights or picture lights to accentuate these pieces.

  • Use recessed LED strip lighting to highlight certain features like niches and built-in shelves.

  • A recent trend is the installation of track lights on the ceiling where the lights can be directed to highlight certain areas of the bathroom.

  • Create a striking ambiance and infuse a good dose of glamour with warm mirror backlighting.

  • Consider backlit onyx for the bathroom countertop. The golden glow of onyx infuses a luxe vibe which takes the bathroom décor to a whole new level.

  • Create a dramatic floating effect by installing LED downlights below a floating vanity.

3. Task Lighting:

Task lighting is essential for providing illumination while you’re doing things like shaving, applying makeup, or grooming. Look for vanity lights around the mirror, as well as sconces near the sink or bathtub.

Task lighting is essential for day-to-day routine activities and personal grooming like shaving or applying makeup.

  • One of the best ways to incorporate task lighting is by installing a horizontal light fixture above the mirror unit. This lighting fixture creates concentrated illumination on the sink and the vanity but the disadvantage is that it has the tendency to cast shadows on one’s face.

  • For shadowless illumination, introduce a pair of scones on either side of the mirror.

  • If the bathroom is spacious then introduce lighting in the shower area with an additional ceiling-mounted light fixture.

  • One of the recent trends is to go for illuminated mirrors or LED mirrors which come with their own built-in lighting.

4. Natural Lighting:

Natural light can help make a space feel more spacious and inviting, so if your primary bathroom has a window, make sure to take advantage of it. You can also install a skylight for additional natural light.

5. Night Lights:

Night lights are a must for your primary bathroom, as they provide a soft, subtle light that makes it easier to find your way in the dark. Look for battery-operated LED night lights that turn on automatically when the room gets dark.

With these five types of lighting, you’ll be sure to create the perfect ambiance in your primary bathroom. Be sure to pay attention to the wattage of your lights, as too much wattage can be overpowering. And don’t forget to include dimmer switches for greater control over the lighting in your space.

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